Admiration Soybean/Peanut Oil 50/50 Blend

Packaging and Coding:

Lot Code Format:
Date code is Six–digit date

Pallet Packaging Information:

Unit External Dimensions:
9 3/16 X 9 3/16X 14 9/16

Units/Layer X High: 20 X 3

Cube: 0.71

Product Description:

A versatile blend of 50% Soybean oil and 50% Peanut oil.

Visual Appearance: Clear, pale yellow liquid.

Flavor Profile: Refined, bleached and deodorized oil with minimal aroma and flavor.

Suggested Uses: Excellent for cooking, baking, frying, dressing and sauces.

  This Product is Kosher

Ingredient Statement:

Soybean Oil and Peanut Oil. Allergen: None. Microbiological: Micro-Organism can not grow in oil. No Micro-Organism in Oil.

Shelf Life, Shipping & Storage Information:

Store at ambient temperature (65 – 85oF). Do not freeze. Shelf-life of this product is 12 months (365 Days).

Regulatory Status/Compliance:

This product shall be of food grade and in all respects, including labeling, confirm with all applicable requirements listed in the United States Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA), as well as those listed in the food chemical Codex, 6th Edition Monographs. Admiration Foods

Bio-Engineered Status:

The Dressings, Sauces & oils business unit of Stratas Foods does not routinely segregate bio- engineered and non- bio- engineered sources of raw materials. Therefore, we must assume that all our products, unless labeled as identity preserved (IP), may contain bio- engineered (GMO) materials.

Nutritional Profile:

The following represents typical nutritional information for the product above. To our best knowledge, this information is true and accurate. This information is based on a statistical average derived from actual data and should not be construed as being specifications.

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