Admiration History

1945-Paying nearly double the sticker price, $3,400 of borrowed money, Seymour Unterman drives from Brooklyn, N.Y. to Atlanta in a brand new Oldsmobile. Being the post-war economy, with almost every commodity from food to machinery in short supply the plan, which was long on ambition but short on odds, was to make a simple trade.

In 1945, all the vegetable and peanut oil available was distributed through M.C. King & Co. of Peachtree Street, Atlanta, Georgia. At a meeting with Mr. Walter Brooks the young would be entrepreneur was informed the large food conglomerates spoke for all the oil that would be produced for a long time to come. However, after inviting his visitor from New York out to lunch, Walter Brooks spotted the gleaming new Oldsmobile parked, quite conspicuously in the no parking zone right in front of his office. Against the background of basic black vehicles, remnants of the 1920's and 30's that lumbered past M.C. King & Co. all day, the 1945 Olds cut a handsome image.

So it was, on the hood of that 1945 green Oldsmobile a deal was struck and Seymour Unterman, the 26 year old ex-GI, had managed to elbow his way in line with some very big players. The car and the keys stayed behind with Mr. Brooks as Seymour headed back to Brooklyn on the train. Three days later on the corner of Seymour's 1st factory on Spencer Street, Seymour came to work to find the sidewalk lined with Drums of Peanut Oil. Admiration was on its way!

1947- Operating from the company's first location at 72 Spencer Street in Brooklyn, Admiration established itself as a dependable supplier of cooking oils. Growing only by word of mouth and hard work, the fledgling company prospers.

1948- With its customer base and reputation expanding the company relocates to 402 Park Avenue. Still selling solely cooking oils, the company now has the ability to expand into other product lines.

1957- In a head to head competition against the finest chefs in New York City, Admiration wins first prize for the best salad dressing.

1958- In the company's 12-year history it has never had a salesman. Customers keep coming as they hear of the quality, service and fair prices. The growing company relocates to 51-02 27th Street in Long Island City, N.Y.

1959- Admiration acquires National Oil & Shortening of Newark, N.J. The company is combined into the LIC operations and allows Admiration to venture into the shortening business.

1960- In its 14th year of business and still with big plans, Seymour Unterman travels the country visiting other factories where mayonnaise is produced to learn the business. Later that year on September 10, 1960, Seymour produced its 1st case of Admiration Mayonnaise.

1965- A spectacular fire that burned for three straight days totally destroys the factory on 27th street. Once again, Admiration showed what it was made of. Though taking almost a year to rebuild, the company reopened in 1966 and in short order retook its market share.

1966- Now located at 130th Street and Jamaica Avenue in Richmond Hill, N.Y, Admiration would spend the next 20 years at this facility.

1979- Supreme Oil Company continuing its desire for growth bought Garden Fresh Salad Oil Company in Long Island City.

1982-Using its powers of eminent domain the City of New York informed Admiration Foods that its location was needed for the construction of a new train station. Buying Garden Fresh Salad Oil Co. in Long Island City added new capabilities for olive oil and blended oils so, once again the company showed its resolve by combing the Garden Fresh location and the Richmond Hill location to relocate and create what is now the quite formidable operation at its present day facility at 80 South Dean Street in Englewood, N.J. Once again the founder played a critical role in the success of the move. Though now in his 60's Seymour worked day and night at the new location to insure its success while the complex assembly of manufacturing equipment was installed.

1987- Supreme Oil Company purchased 100 South Dean Street for future expansion.

1989- Seymour went to Chicago with grandson Michael Leffler to look at Plastics convention to explore opportunity in Extrusion Blow Molding. Later that year, Seymour purchased two machines to start manufacturing Plastic Containers.

1991-Seymour was in his 70's and hired his grandson Michael Leffler full time to help manage and run the company.

1995- Seymour and Michael have the desire and vision to become the lowest cost manufacturer of Vegetable Oil related products in the United States. Their goal is to stream line production by doubling output while reducing labor.

2001- 46 years later, Michael travels back to Georgia where the very first deal was made to learn how to manufacture margarine. He comes back with production line and technical expertise. Everyone told him margarine was going to be impossible. As a result, Michael created the most efficient margarine operation in the country due to limited space.

2005- On March 10, 2005 Seymour asked his driver to take him on a scenic ride down the coast of Florida. He pointed to all the places he had been throughout his life and what he liked most. On March 13, 2005 Seymour Unterman passed away at 89 years old. His dreams continue on through his business. His Grandson Michael Leffler had been successfully running the company during Seymour's late years and was now the official President of Supreme Oil Company.

2006- Supreme Oil Company purchases Piknik Foods in Brundidge Alabama and Supreme Oil South (SOS) is born. Two months after acquisition, mayonnaise, oil, mustard, vinegar and dressing production begins. Other products will soon follow.

Present- Today, in its 66th year, Admiration, which is owned by the children and grandchildren of Seymour Unterman, is the largest privately held supplier of cooking oil and oil based products in the United States. Consuming over 3 million pounds of raw oil per day, the company manufactures and prepares over 100 different oil based food products. Now, under the watchful eye of the Company's President, Michael Leffler (Seymour's Unterman's grandson) and its Board of Directors (consisting of Seymour Unterman's children Patricia Leffler and Gail Wasserman and his grandchildren Michael Leffler and Geoffrey Wasserman), Admiration Foods, a Supreme Oil Company, is being taken to the next level. The same level of commitment that started Admiration in 1945 remains your guarantee today. We have the highest quality products at the lowest possible cost.

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